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Appendix I.
v^ork to  the side of the table, as at E,& Fig. 260,

- *  r

* A    1

' Y        Sl^rf;aces must be first shaped.

at  p.

i **"li.*-*htl.


"*?UlS-  awcl 24.3.  Machining Brasses,—There are three
^machining brasses for bearings and rods : (i) where
brasses are cast  in  one,  then bored, turned, and
finally cut through the middle with a parting tool;
1>~er l^ft by the tool is to be filled with a liner of the proper
\2)    The half brasses being cast separately are united
and after tooling are separated by heating: here
(3) Bolting together as-

Efcoring Crosshead.—In case there should not be
large enough for the purpose shewn in Fig. 254, the
may  be bolted to an "angle plate placed on the face
tlie setting is not quite so satisfactory.

* *  A^p»,   Milling a Radius Link,—The appliance shewn
739   is   for the'purpose of guiding, the link under  the
fcool   in   such a manner as to cause a slot to be milled
tlie; correct curvature.    A and B are two slides hinged at c,
;as   sh.ewri (plan view) upon the milling machine table.
a.ire now bolted down so as to> enclose a very wide angle
-* * i%   Ok  lairge   curve is the result, and if the angle be decreased,
it                       curve is traced on the link.    EE are two dies having

whtlcli   carry the upper plate D, and on the latter the radius
is  !>olted. in the position shewn.    The right-hand die can be
by trie screw F, this advance being the feed, and a very
I ho light will shew that the milling tool will cut out a curved
radius will depend upon the angle ACB.    (Łeej>. 819.) .

..,MH-""''"''"'*&'  _